Your Own Personal Informer

You’re busy. You shouldn’t spend time figuring out what to read, who to follow or where to look to stay informed. Let information experts who understand your industry, and are up on all the latest information platforms, do that work for you.

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Plans start at just $10 / month and include a free 14-day trial.

The Old-Fashioned, Personal Way

  • A real person who understands your industry will be monitoring 1000s of sources, setting up alerts, and mining Twitter to make sure you never miss a thing.

  • You just have to provide basic info like your job title, company name, and location and we’ll begin customizing your feeds.

  • You can then always make much more detailed requests. Ask about specific companies, topics, countries, or even stock tickers and we’ll make sure they’re added to your profile.

  • A real person will review each request so you can ask questions in plain English (we hope to eventually support other languages!).

The New, Fancy Algorithmic Way

  • For each piece of information you’re presented, you have the ability to mark it useful or not useful.

  • Based on these data points, we can refine our algorithm to provide you increasingly relevant information.

  • The more feedback you provide, the better we can serve you.

The Classic Curated Email Digest

Each weekday you will receive the classic Informerly email, with the top 5 links most relevant to your profile.
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What else?
You can decrease the frequency of emails if you prefer.
We started as an email-first product, and our digest has become a daily habit for hundreds of executives.

A Simple, yet Powerful Web Reader.

We know you’re busy, and have built our web reader with that in mind.
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What else?
You’ll receive one relevant piece of information at a time. Spend just a moment, or an entire evening.
If you’re just skimming, you can bookmark articles to read later.
Most importantly, with each article you have the oportunity to let us know if it was useful for you. The more feedback you provide, the better we can refine your feed.

A Comprehensive Mobile App Experience.

You will have access to our full mobile newsreader experience, on iOS and Android.
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What else?
We created Zen Mode to provide an extra clean, easy- to-read, reading experience.
With our Notifications experience, less is more. We’re very selective and only deliver the most relevant news via mobile alerts.

Your Informer, Wherever you are.

Our goal is to make information easier. You’re busy and we don’t expect you to come to us. We’re developing ways to make sure your news is delivered to you, when and where you want it.

Tools we're working on
Icon chrome
Chrome Extension
Each tab you open will passively give you a piece of information. If you have a moment, take a look and learn something. If you’re busy, don’t worry.
Icon rss
Insert your authenticated Informerly feed into any existing RSS reader you use.
Icon slack
Slack App
If you’re a Slack user, you’ll soon be able to just type /inform and receive a story from your feed.